Heritage Arts and Crafts gives utmost importance to the human resource behind each piece created. It aspires to empower the locals in the province of Aklan by augmenting their source of income by becoming a member of the workforce.

In cooperation with DTI, Phil-FIDA, PTRI, TESDA, DSWD and various local government units; skills-training program on farming, weaving, knotting, embroidery and other production related proficiency are conducted even at the farthest localities in the mountains to strengthen their abilities, provide a sustainable livelihood, and maximize the potential of indigenous products in the economy.


Livelihood Training on abaca twine making in San Jose, Madalag. Conducted by NTFP (Non Timber Forest Products) in partnership with Aklan Pina Man-Tra Association (Aklan Pina Manufacturers and Traders Association), June 11, 2015. Abaca twines have many uses, from weaving to macrame bags, slippers, decors, etc. The potential use of twines are limitless, a good livelihood endeavor for women in the grassroots level.


 Advanced Embroidery Training on Piña in Kalibo, Aklan


Training on Abaca Fiber Knotting in  San Jose, Madalag